Ulrike Müller & Partner

Business Development für die Kreativwirtschaft

"Ask The Expert" Advice on Innovation Management Process


This year, Frankfurt Book Fair offers its Business Club visitors a new round of personal advice sessions from industry experts:  Whether it’s the rights trade you want to know about, or business model development and brand management in publishing; the production of e-books, or financing opportunities under the Creative Europe programme: in private talks with industry specialists visitors can get advice on the issues that matter to them – objectively and confidentially.

Ulrike Müller will host the following sessions:

Session 1:  Business Model Innovation Process

- How to reduce risks and costs using the Lean Start-up Method -

Lean Innovation promotes experimentation over elaborate planning, customer feedback over intuition and product or service development in short, repeated cycles rather than implementation a linear step-by-step plan. Following the principles of failing fast and continually learning, it helps businesses to innovate rapidly and effectively, minimising risks and costs of getting the first customer and of getting the product wrong.

                         2015/10/14, 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm
                         Hall: 4.0 Business Club Meeting Area
                         Further info and registration here  

Session 2: Innovation & Organisational Change

- Best Practice, Methods and Practical Tools to engage your Staff in Innovation Processes -

Innovation jams, informal meeting spaces and initiatives, social cooperation online tools, action learning teams, training and access to innovation tools or leadership development are but a few examples of how successful innovators design the way their people work across divisions and functions to encourage conversations, dialogue, cooperation, creativity and trust. Every company’s culture is inherently different, so a carefully taylored approach is called for.

                        2015/10/15, 9.30 am - 11.00 am 
                        Hall: 4.0 Business Club Meeting Area 
                        Further info and registration here