Creative Entrepreneurship Training


You are in charge of teaching students or freelancers across all creative sectors from visual arts to digital technology and would like to support your creative students to identify and lauch their own creative professions?

Based on tried and tested approaches from the "Creative Enterprise Toolkit" by British Innovation Agency NESTA this course will help creative professionals turn their creative ideas into a successful business.

Sessions cover key business issues such as business, drivers, Intellectual Property, blueprint & relationship modelling, contracts, marketing and key financial concepts, which are then put into practice in grouop activities and individual exercises:  

  • Understanding personal values and how they align to the business idea
  • Considering aspirations, ambitioins and motivations
  • Focusing on what success will look like in the future
  • Looking at the impacts of their creative practice on the wider world
  • Testing ideas to reduce risk in the long run
  • Understanding the business relationships needed to develop ideas
  • Mapping the steps needed to achieve specific creative and business goals
  • Communicating the features and benefits of a product or service to customers, supporters and investors
  • Profiling customer types to understand how to reach different audiences
  • Introduction to the importance of of financial planning
  • Business planning and other forms of business support


NESTA's creative enterprise programmes and methodologies have supported hundreds of young entrepreneurs and students. Unlike linear academic business planning, the a high level of group interaction creates opportunities to share perspectives and experiences as students develop their business propositions.  

You can book the Training either in six individual workshops or as as a crash course. Sessions can be facilitated both in English and German.  

Contact us to discuss your individual needs 

       by phone: 030 69 59 92 03

Open trainings for students, freelancers and creative entrepreneurs who would like to develop their creative business idea have now become a regular offering at the UdK International Summer University of Creative Entrepreneurship in Berlin. You can look at some impressions of the 2015 Group and their "Fake Evidence" session on flickr.  For further information and booking contact the ISSCE Team here.